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Rex Ryan has a 7000 calorie per day diet

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You may notice that Rex Ryan is a bit on the overweight side. He's 350 lbs. to be exact. And he also has no plans to cut that weight.

Yes, thanks to the Jets making the AFC Championship game, the NY Post was able to track down some interesting tidbits on Ryan's diet, which is - um - slightly excessive.

Ryan typically eats 7000 calories a day, or 3 1/2 times what the average American male is supposed to eat. He celebrated the victory over the Chargers with a cheesesteak and a beer. And he loves him some beer, no question about that. And no one has ever seen him eat a salad. His favorite food, by the way, is Mexican, which his assistants call "Rexican."

Let's all keep in mind that Ryan is only 47. At this pace, he might not be around much longer. So enjoy the run now, Jets fans.
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