Ricky Rubio staying in Spain might be best for the Timberwolves

9/2/09 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Jim Souhan of the Star-Tribune actually does make a pretty solid case for the Ricky Rubio fiasco turning into a positive for the Timberwolves. With or without Rubio, they're not going to be that good, and they're not going to draw a huge crowd. But without Rubio, there's a chance that their draft pick could be a little better next year, and it gives the T-Wolves time... which they have plenty of. This isn't going to be an instant turnaround, no matter what. So who cares if Rubio plays in Spain for two years? They'll need him to keep developing anyway. It's a move that could pan out in 3-4 years... just when the Wolves might be back to respectability again.
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