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Ron Artest is still crazy, but the Rockets did a better job covering up his indiscretions

7/11/09 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Most Lakers fans absolutely loved the Ron Artest signing. Hell, I hate the Lakers and even I thought it was a great move. But word is coming out that the potential for Ron to blow things up is still extremely likely.

Ric Bucher mentioned this week on the radio that while Ron was a model citizen on the court, he was absolutely crazy off of it. Why didn't we hear much about that? Because the Rockets were very good at covering up his indiscretions. Better than the Kings at least (Ron got hit with domestic abuse and animal abuse in Sacramento).

Considering how much coverage Ron is going to get in LA, NOTHING is going to get past the media there. Suddenly I'm a little less excited by this signing, or perhaps I should say even more excited, since the possibility of the Lakers imploding just quadrupled.
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