Rory Sabbatini ought to try out for caddy school

12/18/07 in Golf   |   john31   |   respect

This comment focuses not so heavily on Tiger but the treatment he and his fellow professionals had to endure this past weekend by the likes of one of the most immature boors in golf--Rory Sabbatini. Ben Hogan and the old guard must be rolling in their graves while seeing the antics of this kid who ranks right up there with Garcia for his unprofessional behavior. Fred Couples probably summed it up best at the end of the tournament this past weekend when he said Rory ought to return the money he got and give it to the Woods Foundation. Then again, if he did he might get some positive publicity and that's something he doesn't deserve. Perhaps if Sabbatini were to learn the game from the ground up--perhaps as a caddy--he might discover that his behavior is not welcomed. not in the least. A trip to the (wood)shed is in order.
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