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Roy Jones Jr. still has.... well, if not

8/16/09 in Boxing   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Roy Jones Jr., while not the most dominating fighter in boxing anymore, can still put on a good show for boxing fans if the matchup is right. And by matchup, I mean any fighter that really can't hang with him anymore.

Last night, Roy KOed Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy. Lacy, while not exactly a journeyman, also isn't one of the best fighters in the world (like Joe Calzaghe, who Jones recently lost to). Roy dominated the fight for 10 rounds and showed that he still has excellent speed for a fighter his age. RJJ had Lacy eating leather for much of the fight, so much so that Lacy could not answer the bell for the 11th round, running RJJ's record to 54-5 with 34 KOs and dropping Lacy to 25-3.

Roy still gives a good quote too. When asked when he though he had the fight under control, Roy said "When they handed me the gloves."

Roy also gave a good show to the crowd, doing his signature "Watch this" moves for the crowd before unleashing a devestating combination of punches.

So while this is likely the last time any of us are going to hear from Jeff Lacy, where does this now leave Roy? After the fight, he said his next fight would be against Danny Green, an Australian fighter who is largely unknown in the US. Green is the current IBO Cruiserweight Champ, but should present no challenge to RJJ.

So is this where Roy is at now, fighting tomato cans for a paycheck for the rest of his life? Or is it possible that Roy will get one more big pay day?

I doubt that Roy will be able to get a fight against the real champions of today, such as Tomasz Adamek (Ring Magazine Cruiserweight Champ), or Chad Dawson (Ring Magazine #2 Light Heavyweight). I also don't think there is any money or interest in seeing RJJ take on Glen Johnson again or Antonio Tarver again, as those fights have already happened and won't generate any real buzz.

But the one fight that boxing fans have been asking for for years is a rematch between RJJ and Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins lost early in his career to RJJ, but that was well before Bernard had matured into the kind of fighter that would go on to dominate his division for well over a decade.

RJJ has said in the past that he's already beaten Bernard and that he had no interest in fighting Bernard again. But that was when Bernard was at the tip top of his game and when RJJ could command a multi million dollar pay  day against anyone he stepped in the ring with, because RJJ was *the* draw in boxing.

But now, with Bernard coming to the end of his career and not as dominating as he once was and with RJJ looking to get one more huge pay day before he's done, could we see a Hopkins vs Jones Jr. matchup? 

As of today, Bernard Hopkins is the #1 Light Heavyweight in the world, according to the Ring Magazine rankings. So Bernard can likely get a fight with any other fighter he wants. But would the money be there that he might get in a matchup with RJJ?

And if they did fight, would sports fans care?
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