Sam Bradford says he will enter NFL Draft

10/25/09 in NCAAF   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

It's pretty clear that Sam Bradford should have gone pro after last season. Mainly because some of the questions about him were, could he add some more muscle and could he survive the beating he might take at the NFL level?

As you well know, both those questions have been answered this season, neither one going Bradford's way.

But anyway, despite all that, Bradford plans on heading into the 2010 Draft, after he gets surgery done on his shoulder. That's, um, never a good thing to have done before you enter the Draft (even though Bradford's injury is not career-threatening at all).

Now, some of you may say, well, it looks right now like 2010 will be an uncapped year in the NFL, so Bradford might actually make MORE money by coming out now than if he stays in school another year and comes out in 2010.

But seriously, would you throw $30 million guaranteed at Bradford right now? I sure as hell wouldn't. In fact, Adam Schefter has already said that regardless of what happens with the labor negotiations, Bradford has probably cost himself at least $10 million in guaranteed money. I agree completely.

I mean, it's your choice Sam, but I think you're making a bad one.
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