Sam the Minuteman's Visit to ESPN

8/21/09 in NCAABB   |   guylake   |   321 respect

While there are many things about ESPN that drive me crazy (relentless East Coast bias, Chris Berman, mispronouncing FanIQ's name--it's Fan IQ, not Faneek, Chris Berman, the decades-long transformation of SportsCenter into Entertainment Tonight, Chris Berman) there is one thing they do very, very well: commercials.

In particular, any commercial with college mascots is sure to entertain. Ever wondered how those shoots go down? Thanks to Sam the Minuteman of UMass fame, you need wonder no longer. Sam, like most mascots, is usually a laconic fellow but here he shares his experiences shooting a commercial in Bristol, CT at the world headquarters of the WWL. He holds forth on hanging with Scott Van Pelt, the ESPN food court (which from personal experience I can affirm is truly magnificent), and the importance of having two reliable lanterns.

The embedded video gives you a flavor of what to expect from the commercial.
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