Scott Boras compares Johnny Damon to Derek Jeter

11/11/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Scott Boras is back to doing what he does best... trying to milk every dollar out of various teams for his clients. His latest effort is a comparison of outfielder Johnny Damon to perennial All Star shortstop Derek Jeter. The New York Post reports that Boras made the case that Damon's production has been similar to Jeter, and his conditioning implies that he would do better in the future.

At a glance, many people scoff at this, mostly because Jeter is always placed on a pedestal by the media, regardless of performance. Factually speaking, however, it's not an unreasonable statement at all.

Damon's batting average is generally a little lower than Jeter, but his other offensive numbers (nearly across the board) are better. He hits for better power, steals more bases, legs out more doubles and triples, and scores just as many runs.

The problem for Boras is twofold. For starters, Derek Jeter is ridiculously overpaid. Despite being very comparable to guys like Jimmy Rollins, Jeter is making well over twice as much. He's making almost 4 times as much as Jose Reyes. So comparing your client to Jeter is a nice idea, in theory, but very few players will ever be as overpaid as Jeter is. You can't reasonably expect the Yankees (or anyone) to make that same mistake again.

The next problem is that Damon's not a shortstop. If he were, he'd probably command about $10-12M per year, at least. But he's an outfielder... a position where you can find guys who will give you similar production to Damon, for under $5M per year. Nice try, Scott Boras, but you might want to look into another strategy.
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