Seattle Seahawks hold 6th and 14th picks overall in the 2010 NFL Draft

1/4/10 in NFL   |   Jess   |   35129 respect

History shows that the Seahawks have drafted well when they have 2 first round picks in one season. In the three times it's happened in the past, one or both of the drafted players have turned out to have a major part in any following success.

Nineteen ninety-seven brought Shawn Springs and Walter Jones, 2000 brought Alexander and Chris McIntosh, and Steve Hutchinson and KoRo came along the following year, in 2001.

Let's hope holding on to the 6th and 14th picks overall in the 2010 draft results in at least one high caliber player coming to Seattle. Now that Tim Ruskell is out, chances are much higher.
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