Sex is to Men as Chocolate is to Women: Understanding Cheating Good Guys Like Tiger Woods

12/3/09 in Golf   |   Beaze   |   271 respect

After a deep conversation with my wife about the Tiger Woods cheating fiasco, I feel I can shed some light on why decent, committed, often powerful men stray.

I was listening to Dan Patrick this morning and heard Jason Whitlock quote Chris Rock as saying:

"You can stop chasing women. But if women chase you, you can't out-run 'em."

Which is funny because I came up with this analogy:

"A beautiful woman invokes the same reaction in men that chocolate does to women."

A man could be on a diet (monogamous relationship) but when that decadent piece of chocolate literally starts calling his name it is hard to resist.  Naturally a man gets the urge to give in and take a nibble (flirt), but sometimes before he even knows what happened, he's eaten the whole damn plate (cheating).

Now I know that sounds absurd, "how can you compare a flesh and blood woman to chocolate?"

Well it's technically not "the woman" that these men crave, just the flesh.  It's been said over and over again, but it bares repeating now: Sex is not an emotional experience for a man unless he want it to be.

Men can turn it on and off like a switch.  It's true.  Now yes, sometime men lose control of that switch, but it's not the norm.  This allows a man to view a woman as nothing more than a piece of delicious "chocolate" ("meat" just sounds disrespectful).

So if you as a woman have ever struggled with a food craving even though you know it's bad for you, then you have some understanding of the internal tug-of-war men go through when tempted by that spunky, pretty-young-thing across the room.  How many times can you walk down the cookie aisle before a bag of Oreos finds its way into your cart?

Whether you like it or not, whether it's right or wrong, men get that "chocolate" feeling when tempted by a salacious woman.  I don't say this as an excuse for why guys cheat, but only to try and help you understand what goes through a normally decent mans mind before he commits infidelity.

Now before you ladies start thinking, "oh goodness, I'm screwed.  A truly good man does not exist!" there is good news.  Just like there are plenty of women out there who have the self-control to say no to chocolate, stick to their diet and live fabulously happy lives, there are plenty of men out there who can say no to home-wreckers and appreciate what they have at home.  Lots of men opt for the healthy choice to satisfy their sweet tooth.  Which is just as fulfilling, only without the guilt trip in the morning.
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