Shockey Versus LeBron in a Loser plays for New Jersey or Tampa Bay Race?

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There have been several NBA players were highly regarded football players at the high school or college level: Jim Thorpe played in the pre-NBA days, Otto Graham and Chuck 'Rifleman' Connors  played in either the BBA or NBL, John Havlicek, Norm Van Lier, Allen Iverson, Charlie Ward, Scott Burrell [the only athlete in history to have been drafted in the first round in two of the four major professional sports], was a great prep QB, Chauncey Billups, Chuck Hayes, Raymond Felton, Glen 'Big Baby' Davis to name a few may have even been able to play in the NFL.
Better than Shockey?
Unless you have been in solitary or Skylab for the past few years you have likely been made aware the LeBron James was an exceptional receiver in high school.  At times James has intimated that he wishes he could play both sports.  Jeremy Shockey, does not think he could.  After all who else would you got for talent assessment besides Jeremy Shockey?
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