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Sixteen years later, Bernard Hopkins finally gets his rematch with Roy Jones Jr.

9/26/09 in Boxing   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Two of the greatest fighters of the past 20 years will finally give fans the rematch that many have wanted to see for at least a decade.

Sixteen years ago, Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins met in a match that saw Jones Jr. win an easy decision. But that was before B-Hop came into his own and prior to B-Hop dominating his division for over a decade. B-Hop had frequently called out Jones Jr. for a rematch, but Jones consistently refused since he had already beaten Hopkins once.

However, now that Jones Jr. has been on a downslide in his career while B-Hop has continued to win big time fights (including his recent domination of middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik) it has been Jones Jr. who has been calling out Hopkins.

For these two fighters, this is a fight that makes sense at this point in their respective careers. The biggest sticking point, as in all fights, was the money. However, both fighters have now agreed to a 50/50 split unless there is a KO, in which case the winner would get 60% and the guy who got KOed would get 40%.

One other potential hang up is that Roy Jones Jr. must win his already scheduled bout against Aussie Journeyman Danny Green. Roy should win that fight easily but stranger things have happened.

As a boxing fan, I'm interested in seeing these two legends get it on. It won't be the same kind of fight as it would have been if they did this 8 years ago, but it should be entertaining as these are two guys who definitely don't like each other and who both desperately want to seal the legacy of their careers with a win over their rival.
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