Skip Holtz Turns South Florida's Paradise Lost To Paradise Saved

2/26/10 in NCAAF   |   MarkTheShark   |   590 respect

An incredible amount of passion and genuineness has hit South Florida football. In addition to what I've reported here, Coach Holtz has assigned each of his coaches 10 specific high schools within a 80 miles of the campus. That works out to 100+ schools getting constant contact from USF. In light of the fact that 909 football players from these schools have gone on to scholarships with BCS universities in the last 6 years, Holtz has a recipe for success on par with what Florida State did in it's first ten years in the ACC: domination of the Big East.

But like Holtz said in the article: “You don’t win games in February. I’ve had five stars that couldn’t play dead in a Western, and two stars that played as hard as anyone.”

Classic quote.
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