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Obama: McChrystal showed “poor judgement” in article 

General McChrystal, the Commander of our troops in Afghanistan, did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine … you know that highly political magazine that only serious people read? You know the one he’s talkin about? … Of course McChrystal spoke a little frankly and a little out of context, along with some of the members of his staff, I mean come on, it’s Rolling Stone!! Well now Obama says, basically, that before he decides the fate of McChrystal as his General-in-charge, he wants to have a meeting with him, and that 'all options are open’

… but then, instead of stopping at that, he decided to call the press back for a minute to clarify, ‘that this whole thing revolves around the strategies being implemented to fight the war in Afghanistan, and that his decision as to whether McChystal stays or goes, will revolve around that.’

And that’s where my B.S. radar went bleeping and going Fn nutz!   
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 Firstly, if this had anything to do with “Wartime Strategy” both Obama and McChrystal would’ve simply played this off and gone on doing their work. I mean, lets face it, Obama’s been in office only a short while longer than McChrystal’s been in charge of Afghanistan. If this had ANYTHING to do with “STRATEGY” his job would be secure, and the President would’ve iterated that! He didn’t. Which tells us ONE thing, IT’S NOT ABOUT STRATEGY ... it's about Snatchedy!

McChrystal took something of Obama's ... partial-semblence of power.

This is about saving face and attempting to maintain a semblance of a Commander-in-Chief. That’s it, in a nutshell! McChrystal, whatever his background, wasn’t chosen to head the War in Afghanistan, because he says all the right things and sucks up to Politicians. He was chosen, because our President felt he was the right man to implement “His” (Obama’s) strategy! And therein lies the problem, boys and girls!

General, and I emphasize the word, G_E_N_E_R_A_L McChrystal, has experience training and leading soldiers in combat environments worldwide! That’s his job. That’s his life! Even moreso, that’s his freakin mantra, his code, and his very state of being! I realize “President Obama” sees “General McChrystal’s” comments  a bit ‘subordinate’ … naturally, who wouldn’t … but firing the General, because he didn’t stand before an interviewer from Rolling Stone magazine and say things that either made the President sound good, or didn’t mention him at all …
HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WARTIME STRATEGY, AND HAS NO PLACE IN “WARTIME POLITICS!”  (minus the type of comments made by ole Ike himself back in WWII)

President Obama’s done many things I disagree with, as an AMERICAN:

He’s passed a “spending bill” to benefit companies America doesn’t agree deserves it
He’s passed an “insurance bill” that won’t cross the “Economic Divide” that exists in our society
He’s lobbying for some “Energy Bill” in light of one of the worst disasters in Modern History

And now …

He’s on the verge of firing a General he simply no longer likes (possibly never did … who knows).

General McChrystal has a very valid point in doing the interview and saying the critical things he said about the Obama Administration, FOR ONE KEY REASON:

When Obama appointed him, He didn’t know almost anything about him!
Mr. President, how are you going to convince a nation that 'your strategy in Afghanistan' means anything to you, when you chose a man to implement it without getting to know him or his credentials, before you did it?


Now you’re considering firing him from that same position, over that same strategy, without even so much as a single “bad report” on his abilities to implement your so-called, “Strategy????”

I wish my college professors would allow me the luxury of getting away with Tomfoolery like that!

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