Some Notre Dame fans upset that Brian Kelly is pro-choice

12/15/09 in NCAAF   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

As if anyone just hired as head coach of Notre Dame needed something else to worry about, Brian Kelly is now under fire by certain Fighting Irish fans because he's - gasp - pro-choice!

Now, granted Notre Dame is a Catholic school. And in Catholicism (I'm a non-practicing one by the way), abortion is wrong. However, the Catholic Church also doesn't allow women priests (ridiculous), contraception (also nuts) and they seem to be more than happy to prevent pedophile priests from going to prison. So, I'm not sure anyone should be following their advice.

But regardless of all that, the real point here is this: So what if Kelly's pro-choice?

Kelly is not a politician, and he's not trying to be one. He's a football coach. His job is to win games. Yet some Notre Dame people think Kelly should have been asked about his stance on abortion before he was hired, as if that has any impact on him winning games or not.

There's already enough of a problem in this country with politics and religion intertwining a tad too much. The last thing we need is for religion to delve into football.

Although not like it matters all that much. Notre Dame is going to suck either way.

And also, when is the mystique of working for Notre Dame going to die? The abuse football head coaches take there is mind-blowingly ridiculous.
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