Sources conflicted on whether Carl Crawford wants out of Tampa Bay

11/14/09 in MLB   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Baseball blog NY Baseball Digest is reporting that Tampa Bay Rays all-star left fielder Carl Crawford wants out of Dodge and now. The report is quite sketchy and all of the details are of the unnamed source variety:

We spoke with someone with knowledge of the situation on Friday who told us that Crawford is “livid” over management’s decision to pick up his 2010 club option for $10 million rather than renegotiate a contract extension, which was agreed upon by the two sides when Crawford first signed his contract. “He wants out of Tampa bad,” is what we were told.

Sounds very exciting for teams with deep pockets looking for one of the premier offensive talents in the game. But before fans in New York, Boston, Los Angeles or elsewhere get too excited, they should remember this is simply a rumor and one that is being refuted.

Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times openly dismisses the rumor:

The report just doesn't seem to have any merit, as it doesn't match up with what both sides have been saying all along (and as recently as this week).

I can see Crawford being shopped mid-season when the Rays are out of contention but it seems unlikely that he would be traded during the off-season.
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