Red Sox and Yankees players becoming friends at the World Baseball Classic

3/10/09 in MLB   |   Brendanc8504   |   respect

This is the last thing I wanna read about a month before the baseball season.

I know, I know, I know, for the most part the hatred between the Sox and Yankees is more media created for the most part.  As we have seen in some cases though, some players on these two teams genuinely hate each other.
(Think Varitek and Arod.)

Some don't (Think Damon, Ramiro Mendoza, Mike Myers, and others who have played for both A.L East teams)

It just doesn't seem natural to me. Especially when it is Jeter. Jeter is Mr. Yankee, and Pedroia is Mr. Red Sox. I don't want these guys to be friends. Am I being ignorant? Remember, I am in Boston, around these parts we get rubbed the wrong way when we see Tom Brady wearing a Yankees hat!
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