Sprint Cup Unlimited [Live Race Thread]

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Blog Photo - Sprint Cup Unlimited [Live Race Thread]It's that time again.  Time to go racing!! I'll be at work when coverage starts on FOX, but it won't be long and I'll be in front of my huge new TV watching racing once again.

Already a crash in practice has affected the way this race will run.  If you haven't seen the video, here's a link to NASCAR.com where you can see not only the original, but many replays, and hear the analysis.

Short answer?  Matt Kenseth moved up the track, then moved back down into Kurt Busch and took out a bunch of cars.  Involved were Matt, Kurt, Mark Martin, Carl Edwards, and Juan Pablo Montoya.  Kyle Busch was out in front at the time and only saw the wreck in his rear view mirror.  Kevin Harvick was at the back of that pack and got slowed down enough to miss the wreck by threading the needle through the wrecked cars. Busch, Edwards and Martin will move to back up cars for tonight's race. 

If you voted on the format of tonight's race, you might have been in the 55% percentile, as that is the margin of victory for the winning format, which will be 30 laps for the first segment, 25 laps for the second segment and 20 laps for the last segment.  It seems most people are like me and don't care for the 10 lap shootout that NASCAR has seemed to favor in the past.  That option received the fewest votes, with 22%.

The rest of the options can be voted on throughout the day, including the pit stop after the first segment, and the number of drivers eliminated from the race after the second segment.

In the meantime, there is plenty of action on the track throughout the day.  Pre-race coverage is on SPEED and the race is on FOX.  

And don't forget, tomorrow starts the convoluted qualification procedure for the 500. 

Join in and tell us your picks and impressions of tonight's action!
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