Stanford RB Toby Gerhart actually has a chance to win the Heisman Trophy

11/20/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Toby Gerhart is leading all running backs with 19 rushing TD's so far this year, and he has rushed for 1395 yards, currently good for 3rd best in the country. He's the biggest reason for the Cardinal's 7-3 record right now, and he absolutely deserves Heisman consideration.

But will he get it? He's not a quarterback, and his team isn't in contention for the National Championship, so he's at a distinctive disadvantage. I'd say he's a far better candidate than either Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy, but the ballots won't reflect that.

Do you think Gerhart has a chance? And should he? Why, or why not?
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