Steelers beat the Broncos 28-10 in Monday Night Football

11/10/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

The Broncos have been pretty solid overall this year, but the AFC North has had their number. Of course they beat the Browns handily, but that doesn't really count, since everyone does that. They beat the Bengals in the flukiest of fluky wins all year, and they lost to the Ravens last week, and the Steelers this week in pretty embarrassing fashion.

Tyrone Carter took over for Ryan Clark, who sat out due to a blood disorder, and Carter came up huge. His INT return for a touchdown was the pivotal play, leading to a 28-10 Steelers victory.

The Broncos started off alright, but they got severely outplayed in the second half. Despite their 6-0 start, it's starting to look like their offense is exposing them as the less than stellar team that everyone thought they were. Their defense is still decent, but that offense is simply not championship caliber, and the Steelers made that quite clear.
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