Steelers fan says he was poisoned by a Bears fan

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It's bad enough for Steelers fans that their team lost an early season game to the Bears, who are obviously not a terribly good team. But if this story is true about a Bears fan spiking the drink of one of his Steelers fan counterparts, then it's a little bit over the line.

From No Spain No Gain:

Things weren't so cheery for the Steelers fans. One in particular is claiming that Bears fans poisoned his drink after the game, leaving him blind and brain damaged. After the game 46-year-old Zack Heddinger, his sister Lisa, and some friends went to Kitty O'Shea's on Michigan Avenue, where he claims they began trash talking with Bears fans.
After the altercation, Heddinger accepted a drink from a Bears fan as a "peace offering." Shortly thereafter he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors called his family that night and said his heart had stopped four times and he was unlikely to survive. Heddinger did make it through the night, but by Thursday he was losing his vision.

Doctors originally thought Heddinger was ill from drinking too much alcohol, but now say the effects were so severe that his drink was likely spiked with toxic grain alcohol.

Wow... Bears fans are vicious. Allegedly, of course.
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