Steelers lose to the Browns 13-6. What's happened to the Steelers?

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I don't have NFL Network, so I didn't have a chance to watch the Steelers/Browns game, which I figured would be an easy win for the Steelers. Then suddenly I started seeing an increasing string of "Are the Steelers really going to lose this game?" and "Maybe Omar Epps really is coaching the Steelers tonight" tweets on Twitter.

And then came the final score. 13-6 Browns.

Now, in the last four weeks, your reigning Super Bowl champions have lost to the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns. Think long and hard about that. You could make an excellent argument that right now, the Steelers are the worst team in football. I mean hell, at least the Rams gave the Bears a game last weekend. The Bears, as bad as they are, are still nowhere near as bad as the Browns.

So what is it? How does a team that won the Super Bowl last season get this bad in such a short time period? Heck, they started the season 6-2, then the wheels have just completely fallen off.

I know Troy Polamalu's injury hasn't helped, but trust me, when you're scoring only six points against the Browns, defense isn't your problem.

Lastly, I know some people think Ben Roethlisberger is an elite QB, but seriously, if you're an elite QB, you don't lose to the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns in four weeks.

But whatever, something is clearly wrong, and it also looks like you can scratch the Steelers off already in terms of defending their championship.
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