Steve Downie tries to take Crosby's leg off

3/14/10 in NHL   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

In today's Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh game, Steve Downie of the Lightning appeared to have made the attempt to take Sidney Crosby's leg off as a souvenier (in a much different way than Patrice Bergeron). Downie hunts down Crosby, grabs his leg, drags him to the ground, and pulls him as he is on the ice. The play was similar to a slew-foot but much more complex and devious...dare I say, creative?

Now, if any of you follow my posts, you will know that I despise Crosby. But what I hate worse than Sid is cheap shots like this. Clearly Downie's intent was to take Crosby out of the game, or even the season; it happened nowhere near the puck and the duration of the event was sickening.

Downie was called for roughing (2 minutes) on the play. But a five-minute major should have been called (although you can't blame the refs because it was nowhere near the play) and a lengthy suspension should be in order. But knowing this candy-@$$ league, he will get a few games, if any, tops, even though the infraction was against Crosby, the poster boy of the league.
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