TCU gets in one last shot towards the big boys

1/8/11 in NCAAF   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Everybody remembers back in November when Ohio State president Gordon Geen made some comments about BCS busters Boise State and TCU building their resumes on playing "Little Sisters of the Poor".  Gee of course decided to take his foot out of his mouth and back tracked on those statements but as usual, the damage had been done. 

Well after TCU beat Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl, showing guys like Gordon Gee that the little guys can in fact play with the big boys, somebody decided to take that statement even further by putting up automatic billboards in the Columbus area congratulating TCU of their Rose Bowl win...courtesy of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

I'm not a Ohio State fan at all so anytime somebody can stick it to the sweatervests, I'm all for it.  Gordon Gee made the mistake of starting the battle and TCU let their play end the war.
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