TGIB: Marshawn Lynch steals $20 from a woman but police delay charges until after season is over.

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Thank God It's Buffalo. That's what Marshawn Lynch may thinking (and probably for the first time) after being accused of stealing $20 from a woman at a TGI Friday's restaurant in December but not being charged until this month. Yes, you can pause to shake your head. Marshawn Lynch, starting running back for the Buffalo Bill, owner of a 6-year, $18.9M contract ($10.3 M guaranteed), stole $20. You indeed read that correctly.

On the surface this may seem ridiculous and yet another case of athletes gone wild, but we should remember a few things before we denounce Lynch. First, his base salary for 2009 was a mere $635,000. Of this, he lost $112,000 due to his three-game suspension at the start of the season. He was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy. That is for being arrested last February on misdemeanor gun charges in California.

Second, Lynch is the target of a lawsuit by a woman who was struck by Lynch's SUV in Buffalo in May of 2008. Kim Shpeley claims Lynch was drunk when he hit her and drove off. Lynch's attorney disagrees. Shpeley claims she is suffering from permanent injuries and is suing for an undisclosed amount of money.

Clearly, our man Marshawn is a little light on cash. Roger Goodell reached into his wallet and yanked over 100 large. Now, this Canadian woman is looking for her cut as well. Perhaps, Marshawn thought it was time to get a little back for himself. And, after all, $20 is a lot less than $112,000 or the pending lawsuit.

At least, the local police have Marshawn's back. The woman he stole from? Yeah, she's the wife of a Buffalo police sergeant. You'd think that would make things worse wouldn't you? Not in this case. Check this from the Buffalo News:

The incident occurred Dec. 7, at the TGI Friday's at McKinley Mall, where the detective sergeant's wife and her girlfriend had stopped before heading home.

December 7th? And we are just hearing about this now? Why the delay?

The woman's husband, Buffalo Police Sgt. William Crawford, filed a complaint with Hamburg police a day after the incident, but they delayed giving a statement to detectives until Wednesday, in part because she wanted to wait until the Bills' football season ended and Lynch was out of town.

Trying to help out the home town team? Not according to Crawford:

"She's terrified of him. He threatened her girlfriend who tried to retrieve the money after he robbed my wife," Crawford said. "He thinks he's above the law because of his status as an athlete."

Terrified, despite being married to a police sergeant and presumably with the city's entire force backing you up? If that's true, things are a lot worse in Buffalo than I would've thought.

The best part? Ten days after filing the initial complaint, the Crawfords received $20 from the Hamburg police. Restitution? The city of Hamburg's way of saying, no worries, Marshawn, we got this? Well, charges have been filed and we will see what percentage of Lynch's 2010 salary is taken for what I would think is another violation of the NFL's personal conduct policy. Of course, this will just start the ugly cycle all over again.

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