Talladega Aaron's 499 [Live Race Thread]

5/5/13 in NASCAR   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

No one knows when it will come, but chances that it will are about 99%.  No one knows who will be involved in it, but chances are a lot of really good cars will be turned into junk piles.  No one knows who will cause it, or whether it will be intentional or an "accident".  What is it

Well, it is the "Big One" of course.  On our super-speedways pack racing is the norm.  Hell, it's a necessity if you want to be anywhere near the front.  When these packs of cars get together, sometimes there are only fractions of inches between them, to the front, to the back and to the side, or sides.  One tiny move of the steering wheel can send the car careening out of control, almost always taking at least ten cars along for the ride.  Sometimes that single car will come out of it at the other end, with minor damage, leaving a wreck of metal as the aftermath.  Sometimes there are injuries.  Just ask Dale Jr.

While we don't like those wrecks where anyone is hurt, I have to be honest here.  The Big One will get your heart pounding, the blood racing through your veins.  It can take your breath away.  Even twitter will go quiet for a moment or two, save for those reporters who are paid to post every update.

We've seen some incredible wrecks over the years, most of the horrific ones coming while teams were using the COT. Now that we have the Gen6 car in use, will we see similar wrecks?  Let's hope not.

Qualifying was rained out yesterday, so teams will line up based on their practice speeds.  This realitively new rule is infinitely better than the old procedure of lining up by points.  While practice speeds may not be the most accurate telling of a car and driver's ability, it will group cars together that are driving similar speeds.  

Word has just come down that there is still a chance of rain today, so the start of the race has been moved up twelve minutes.  Although twelve minutes may not make any difference, it could.  We are about to go racing, so don't forget the Sports Bars, bet some Q-Bucks and maybe you'll win!

There are a ton of favorites for today's race, and with Michael Waltrip in the field, he could definitely be a spoiler!  Of course, I'm picking Dale Jr.  Who is your pick? 
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