Ted Lilly gets busted "cheating".... by Twitter

5/28/10 in MLB   |   Scott   |   54803 respect

As if we needed any other proof to tell us how powerful the internet and social networking has become, yesterday Twitter helped bust Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly "cheating" in a game with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Let's set the stage for the drama.  Dodger 3rd basemen Casey Blake got a hit off Lilly and while standing on first base, noticed the Cub left hander was standing off the pitching rubber while pitching.  Blake made a point to mention it to first base umpire John Hirschbeck and asked him to move and get a better look but Hirschbeck wouldnt do so.  Blake became angry and soon had to be restrained by first base coach Mariano Duncan.  As this was going on, the social network Twitter started lighting up with tweets from people watching the game, including former pitcher CJ Nitkowski.  While Nitkowski wouldnt divulge in his tweets which pitcher it was, it became obvious when other users started piling on and adding comments.

After the game, Blake accused Lilly of cheating and Lilly replied by admitting to throwing a few pitches while not on the rubber, saying that he was "just trying to gain his footing once in awhile". 

Personally, I dont know how much of a competitive edge you get from not standing on the rubber.  Furthermore, what's the difference between this and a batter who dusts up the chalklines in the batter box before digging in, usually somewhere close to being out of the batter box.  To me, that's more of an advantage then a pitcher not throwing off the pitching rubber
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