Texas Rangers File for Chapter 11

5/25/10 in MLB   |   all_staralex   |   13 respect

 Ladies and gentlemen, look for a serious decline in ticket prices in the next few seasons.  Baseball is hurting now more than ever with the recent Chapter 11 filing of the Texas Rangers.  More attendance low records have been set this year than in the past 25 years, and more appear with each passing week.  Baseball is hurting financially, paying players with multimillion dollar contracts and drawing in less than ten thousand fans each game.  Few markets can handle a profitable business like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, but even consistent sell-out crowds can't pull in the profit needed to run such a high-priced establishment as the Chicago Cubs, who filed for bankruptcy in 2009.  The MLB is going to be looking for change, and fast.  The recent occurrences in Texas only further support the need for a salary cap to be established.  Salaries are going to drop, and ticket prices will not.  Or will they?  Prices may come down a few dollars to increase fan attendance exponentially.  This will bring in much greater revenue than maintaining current prices. What are your thoughts on the future of the MLB?
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