Thank You Rex Ryan, John Idzik, Mark Dominik and The Tampa Bay Bucs

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Before we go any further please do not take this as a "rip Darrelle Revis" post ... I want to say that Darrelle is HANDS DOWN the best cornerback in the NFL and a top 3 defensive player in the game. Now that's out of the way -- as a Jet fan -- I want to THANK our our new GM John Idzik, Bucs GM Mark Dominik and most importantly our head coach Rex Ryan.

A cornerback is valuable in today's NFL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. With teams spreading the ball around and passing 50+ times a game, it is one of the most important positions in football. You need at least 3 solid CB's in today's game. That being said, paying one of the over $16M a season to STOP just one of the teams WR's is NOT worth it. Plain and simple. I said it in March when the rumors were hot and it remains true today. You need 3-4 good corners, not one great one and a bunch of practice squad players. Spread that $16M over 3-4 guys, not just one great. What Rex Ryan does with his defense and more importantly his secondary eliminates the need for a star like Revis.
Blog Photo - Thank You Rex Ryan, John Idzik, Mark Dominik and The Tampa Bay Bucs
Not only did the Jets get a first and third round pick for a player coming off of an ACL tear and multiple hold out's, they also freed up over $14M in salary cap next season and will now have a top of the third round pick in this coming draft after selected a stud defensive lineman this past April. (Sheldon Richardson). For that Mark Dominik, I want to thank you for taking the bait.

Sure you can say hindsight is 20/20. I'd agree. But at the time, the Jets were in pure retooling mode. Dealing Revis wasn't the sexy choice but damn if it was the smart one. The Jets find themselves with yet another top defensive unit, but also with a young corp of solid players, a ton of cap room in 2014 and a handful of picks. Oh and they still have a top corner in Antonio Cromartie. You don't say?

Let's head down south. Tampa Bay is now 0-7 and in the dumpster in the NFL. Only team worse maybe their state partner, the Jacksonville Jaguars. After falling to 0-7 last night, and seeing Revis shy away from tackles against Cam Newton (I see you Reev) ... the fire Greg Schiano train is rolling faster than ever. When asked if the team still believes in the coaches and their schemes, Revis replied:

I don’t know, I don’t know.  You know, we got a game plan every week.  We gotta stick to the game plan.  We gotta abide by the game plan and what we’re trying to do to win.  I don’t think guys are literally going out there and trying to do their own thing.  You know, in every game there are mistakes up and down the board.  You know, the word that we have to get to and we have to focus on is consistency.  That’s all.  And at this point, that’s a hard word for us to try to do, to try to do that, to be consistent.”

Oh boy. Not only is Revis losing but he is playing out of his comfort zone. Actually he is playing IN a zone, but that is not his COMFORT zone. Revis wants to play man-to-man. It's his bread and butter. It's how he made $16M a season, had an 'island' named after him and how he got his own shoe deal with Nike. Now, he is as relevant in the NFL as Al Gore is to the United States of America. (He's not at all). Again, please don't take this as a shot to Revis. Take it as a lesson. Well, NFL GM's should. There is ZERO reason to pay a cornerback $16M a year. In my opinion, the two positions you do not pay any more -- Cornerback and running back. Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in football and is on a 0-7 team and Adrian Peterson is the best running back in football and his Minnesota Vikings are 1-5. Go figure.

So before I go, as a Jet fan, I want to thank you Rex Ryan. Thank you for your genius scheme and for making the "next man up" statement as true as possible. I want to thank you John Idzik, for having the stones to come in and make the best choice for the franchise, not the popular one. And last but not least, I want to thank you Mark Dominik .... thank you for taking the bait. We will use those draft picks and cap space (not to mention headaches we saved) to our best ability. Here is to hoping there is no HOLDOUT in Tampa!
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