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Thank you all.....

1/16/10 in Locker Room   |   NorseHeathen   |   9491 respect

Out of respect for those with whom I interact, I didn’t want to just leave and have people wonder “what happened”.  With that being said, I am sad to say that I am leaving FanIQ.

The bottom line is, when someone says to use the “Contact Us” option to voice concerns or ask question because that is the way to get things remedied, it is an empty affirmation.  I’ve submitted four (4) concerns through the “Contact Us” option for clarification to issues, requesting a return response, and have been completely ignored.  My last submission (more than 72 hours ago) has not been answered as of checking my mail this morning.

My last attempt was to inquire as to why one of my posts was deleted; a post that I know was present in the discussion as I received a “respect” for my perspective.  It was not a post that violated the CoC, nor was it a post that was directed at anyone and only addressed the focus of the thread.  If I can not get a simple answer to such, then I am wasting my time participating.

I truly believe that there are some great people in here.  I’ve enjoyed my time in here, and have also enjoyed knowing that I have gained enjoyment, knowledge, and perspective as a result of such interaction.  Thus, it makes it that much more difficult to leave.  However, as an active contributing member and moreso as a human being, I believe I at least deserve the respect of a short response to the queries I presented.

I have initiated a poll that was intended to go through the course of the NFL playoffs.  I will keep my profile open long enough to complete that course out of respect for those who have participated.

To the powers that be--the “Contact Us” option only works if the intent of such is practiced.  Assigning a case number as an automatic response is nice, but doesn’t solve anything.  It is just another empty option.
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