The Bears have taken out an ad apologizing to the fans

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The Bears unloaded a metric crapton of draft picks to get Jay Cutler, and so far it has resulted in a pretty craptastic season. The Bears went 7-9, and were never in danger of competing for... well, anything, really. Cutler led the league in interceptions with 26, considerably more than 3 rookies and Jake Delhomme.

You could say things aren't going as well as planned for the Bears, so they issued an apology to their fans, in the form of a full page advertisement in both major Chicago newspapers.

"In a season where we did not perform at our best, we are further humbled by the fact that our fans stepped up and did their part. You played your role in the team perfectly."

I wonder what their ad is going to say next year, when they go 7-9 (or worse) again.
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