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The Chase for the Sprint Cup to change?

7/7/10 in NASCAR   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Daytona always has fireworks, at the beginning of the season and in the middle.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. made history last Friday night when he won the Nationwide race in an RCR car with Wranglers on the hood and the number 3 on the door.

For those of us diehard Earnhardt (Sr and Jr) fans, it was worth a tear or two, but Jr was quick to let everyone know it was a one time deal.

Brian France seemed almost eager to overshadow the celebration with his announcement that NASCAR is taking a serious look at the Chase to the Sprint Cup, possibly with some kind of elimination clause. 

David Caraveillo makes the point that it isn't the Sprint Cup Chase that needs tweaking, yet again, but time, rather, to implement the Chase in the Nationwide Series.

He makes a great point.  Now that NASCAR has implemented the safer COT for the Nationwide Series, it's about time they also do everything they can to promote the series as much as possible.  What better way to promote it than to create a Chase for the Nationwide drivers as well as the Cup drivers? 

After all, if Brad Kesleowski continues his winning ways, his 277 point lead will have more than double by the time the last race is run. 

Will anyone really be watching then?

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