The King and the Jester of All-Star Weekend

2/19/13 in NBA   |   bridgettangelica   |   5 respect

All-Star weekend is the mark of the mid-season.  It is a time for fans to see the games best, and players to show their appreciation for their support.  This event is also when teams recap mistakes and evaluates what needs to be done to improve.  Most importantly, we get to see the newbies, the little known rising stars come to their own.  
To me without a shadow of a doubt Kyrie Irving was the clear MVP of the All-Star weekend.  He excelled each and every night.  Starting with the Rising Star game Friday night.  Irving proved that he has already risen.  His 32 points, six rebounds, and six assist he proved that he has the talent and the ability to be among the elite in the league.  Saturday night he continued to surprise many by winning the Three Point Shootout beating Matt Bonner without much of a fight.  Then on Sunday he added the cherry on top by going head-to-head with Chris Paul down the stretch of the fourth quarter. Irving, did not have have outstanding numbers but he did finish with 15 points, four assists and three rebounds.  
With his trifecta I would give him the award for MVP of the All-Star Weekend to him if one existed. Kyrie is the epitome of what this weekend is all about.  I think he is just what the Cleveland Cavaliers need.  They have a new reigning "king" in the land.  Instead of fretting over the one that left sit back and enjoy the ascendency of a new "prince". 
While the royal scepter was being passed to Irving it seems like Dwight Howard continued to be the "court jester" aka fool.  It's a shame that for months he has been complaining about his injuries but we see him firing off three pointers in the shoot around. Looks like his labrum is better now.  He was shown joking, making gun signs, and reports of him jeering Kobe Bryant. There comes a point when you have to grow up.  I know All-Star weekend is suppose to be fun and a way to let off steam but this is extreme.  You may think I'm crazy when I say a team would be crazy or desperate to want this toxicity in their locker room.
Maya Angelou said "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  Howard has shown over and over again who he is. What has he shown? He's a complainer, plays when he wants, has a toxic personality that destroys teams and staff. What hasn't he shown us? That he is capable of manifesting qualities that leaders possess, that he cares about anything or anyone except for himself. He has been known to be a "jester" and obviously that isn't going to change with more money or a new team.
At the midway point of the season we have seen what the league had to offer, the good and the bad.  So lets hope that we are continue to see the best like rising star Kyrie Irving who are starting to show what the reign of the next generation will bring and less of the never ending saga of the old court jesters.
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