The Kings come back from 35 points down to beat the Bulls.

12/22/09 in NBA   |   guylake   |   321 respect

The Chicago Bulls have to be shaking their heads. If they can even lift them from their chests. The team formerly featuring his Airness blew a 35-point lead over the Sacramento Kings. In a battle of former freshman Memphis point guards, Tyreke Evans prevailed over Derrick Rose. Evans clutched up and hit a long jumper to put the Kings up three and seal it. Evans was soon seen doing the "big balls" dance Sam Cassell popularized in his playing days.

To put this in perspective, the Bulls were leading 79-44 with three minutes left in the third quarter. It wasn't enough. The most amazing part about this game is that it probably won't cost Vinny Del Negro his job, despite cries for his head on Twitter. Hell, this is the guy who took a 32-point beatdown by the Raptors and lived to tell the tale...and lose again.

Nonetheless, even the most optimistic members of the Del Negro family must admit Vinny is on notice. A team that blows a lead of this magnitude is neither executing nor trying very hard. The former is bad but can be corrected with film sessions and practice; the latter is inexcusable.
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