The Lions Are So Bad, They Don't Even Know They're Own Quarterback's Name

9/14/09 in NFL   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

OK, i am as supportive of the Detroit Lions as any fan. I root, and cheer on the Honolulu Blue & Silver every game, and have, as has every Lions fan, been  through alot of agonizing seasons of terrible football, from both the players, and the coaches. Lions fans in Michigan, and across the country, all have a new found sense of hope for the 2009 season, and the future.

However, it's a little troublesome, as a Lions fan, when the team you root for, the team you have followed as a kid, doesn't know the first name of the starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford.

On the Lions web site,, in the collum "Lions Player Stats", is this gem...

Passing              CP/ATT   YDS   TDS  INT
Stafford, John   16/37        205      0       3

To make matters worse, the next collum, Rushing Stats, also has Matt Stafford listed as...Stafford. John...what.?

John Stafford.? Are you kidding.? Whover is resonsible for the editing of this should be forced to watch every single Lions game from last year's miserable season, and then he should be introduced to the Lions starting quarterback...Matthew Stafford...right before he's fired.!

John Stafford.? Did the Lions hire someone from the Washington Nationals web site.? This is embarrassing, but seems par for the course for a organization that has failed to produce a competitve NFL team for 51 years.

I hope they get Matt Stafford's name corrected before they print any game programs, or media information for this weeks game vs. the Vikings, and oh, by the's Brett it.?
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