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Once again the NFC Beast is attacked, in paticular the New York Giants....Bleacher Reports says the giants will come in last in our division....
   We NFC Beast supporters,know we have the BESt division in NFL,and the most competitive. We have a love /hate with each other ,BUT we also have a commorodity,that is untouched.Weathe rout team in the Beast makes the playoffs or not, we root for the team that does....We dog each other all season and support each other come playoffs......I am proud to be a Giants fan and a fan of the NFC Beast!......We all think our team will do well this tell me who you feel are the contenders for our division and why?..also DEZ Bryant is getting the media bullys beating him down already too....Who do these "so called  sports writers think they are??:: i say in their facesand lets show these idiots what the NFC Beast is!!  Warriors to the end!!! (Go diss hanyesworth,,,he has proved he doesnt want to be a team player and is holding his team least diss people who deserve it, NOT people you just dont like! sports writers are supposed to be objective,,They arent when it comes to our division!!  Lets all write responses .so we can show Bleacher Report The NFC is loyal and supports their teams and each other!!!!
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