The NHL Sees Your Conference Realignment, NCAA, and Raises You

12/5/11 in NHL   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25697 respect

With the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg in the off-season, everyone knew there would be some sort of realignment coming to the NHL.  Not many had the foresight that was announced tonight by the NHL.  The league will go from 6 divisions to 4, as of yet unnamed, conferences based on geography starting next year.
The strong points of the move are travel and starting times for a majority of a team's road games (you can quit whining now, Detroit and Dallas), and the fact that every team will play every other team at least twice.
If you follow the link, you will see how the conferences are broken down and I'm hoping the league goes back to the naming the conferences after people of significance to the game.  Until I hear otherwise I will call Conference A the Gretzky Conference, B the Howe Conference, C the Orr Conference and D the Lemieux Conference.  Any takers? Any other ideas?  
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