The Raiders may try to trade for a Pro Bowl caliber QB for their high draft picks

12/4/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

The Raiders obviously have a huge problem at the QB position, and apparently Al Davis wants to address it... by giving away draft picks for a Pro Bowl caliber QB.

Davis will attempt to trade for a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback so that the Raiders have a better chance of making the playoffs next season. In turn, Russell will get more time to work on his shortcomings.

At this rate, the Raiders figure to have a top-10 draft pick to dangle as trade bait, along with enticing young players such as running backs Michael Bush and Darren McFadden, as well as veteran defensive lineman Richard Seymour.

Trading away draft picks for a QB didn't really work out well for the Bears, and the Raiders have a lot of the same offensive deficiencies that the Bears did, before bringing in Jay Cutler. And since Al Davis thinks it's a good idea, it's obviously a terrible one.

The Raiders need to keep their draft picks, and start drafting well. That's where they're REALLY going wrong. And of course, there usually aren't a lot of Pro Bowl-caliber QB's on the trade market in the offseason. Maybe they should... I dunno... try scouting a little bit, and grab one in the draft.

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