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The Real Reason Mickie DeMoss Left UK Women's Basketball.. Supposedly

2/20/09 in NCAA Women's BB   |   WhoDey   |   6 respect

Most sports fans out there probably have no idea who the heck Mickie DeMoss is.  Well, everyone knows about the University of Kentucky men's basketball team, but the women's team at UK is a different story.  Aside from the early 80's, women's basketball at UK has quite frankly sucked.  Then comes Mickie DeMoss.  With a little over 1,000 fans in the games in seasons before DeMoss came, she recruited many great players, which quickly raised the average attendance to over 5,000 a game.  She turned this team around for the good, and the program is still doing quite well.

But, in the middle of her excellence, she randomly decided to resign.  She said, "This was a very difficult decision for me.  After 30 years of coaching, I just want to step back and reassess what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I would never rule out a return to coaching again, but for me, right now was the best time to step away."  Kentucky fans were definetely not happy, but accepted and moved on to current head coach Matthew Mitchell.

Well, well, well.  I'm accepting this "rumor" as a fact.  A friend of mine's mom is best friend's with a former co-worker and good friend of DeMoss.  So, the real reason she left was reportedly because she was having an affair with a woman on the boosters for UK.

And, just for the sake of adding, many people had suspicions of her being homosexual.
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