The Timberwolves have 4 first round picks in the NBA Draft, what should they do?

6/24/09 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Right now, the Timberwolves hold the 5th, 6th, 18th and 28th picks in the NBA Draft. They're rumored to be going after the #2 overall pick, and are most likely offering the 5th and 18th picks.

Should they stay where they are, and take their chances with the #5 and 6 picks? Or should they try to move up to #2?

The Wolves are rumored to be interested in Tyreke Evans, James Harden, Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry and Hasheem Thabeet, obviously among others. They have a great chance of landing two of those players, and could realistically snag 3 of them if one (Curry or Flynn, most likely) drops lower than expected and is available at #16.

Either way, it looks like they'll need to hit the jackpot with at least two of their first rounders, since they have all their eggs in the proverbial 2009 Draft basket. If they can add 2 more eventual All-Star caliber players to suit up alongside Al Jefferson, they could be a force to be reckoned with, within a few years.
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