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The Weiner Affect

6/6/11 in Locker Room   |   NorseHeathen   |   9491 respect

For one, I can't believe no-one has jumped on this one.  Funny as it is in some respects, the fact that's it's an elected federal representative makes this a far graver issue.

Now, set aside any comparisons to Clinton--though I still make rank cigar jokes myself--that was a personal issue between him and the actual president, Hillary.  With regard to Clinton, that was a personal issue.  His biggest 'crime' is that he lied about a personal issue, and there hasn't been an American president in the last century or before that hasn't lied about something--even more grievous things dealing with matters of state, which conversely does concern the people.

In Weiner's case, I'm laughing here because of the jokes and the not near as big as a humorous references that will arise from this situation, go beyond the issue of his personal life by his own actions.  I could give two pebbles of poo with regard to his personal life.  The fact that the media continues to betray their responsibility to the American people, by focusing upon such things in lieu of the more relevant occurrences in our society is a major pet-peeve of mine.  Regardless, the fact that it is public, and Weiner's actions have constituted criminal actions after the fact, not only makes him a real boner but also requires official action.

1) As an elected federal representative, he was stupid enough to do it, and to no surprise he lied about it--big deal.


2) He claimed that his account was hacked, which (depending upon the perpetrator) can be traced.  Can you say "stupid"? 

Now it becomes criminal:

3) He has the FBI brought in on the case to investigate the actions 'against him'.  By doing so, he is wasting the time, energy, resources, and money of the American people with the hope that they wouldn't find anything.  Can you say "stupid"?

The result? he admitted that he sent the picture of the member in question, but has vowed not to resign--big surprise....

Here is what should occur: 

1) Congressional Censure, for the despicable actions he decided to take as a federally elected representative.

2) Arrested for lying to the FBI, identified under Title 18, Section 1001, United States Code, for lying to federal government agents.  The crime is a federal felony that carries a punishment of 5 years in federal prison.  Tell Oscar Meyer to ask former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich about that one...

Considering the nature of American politics, no future is certain despite the obvious course for a civilian in the same position.  Regardless, like a BBQ in the south, this weiner's been cooked beyond acceptable measure to the point that not even the dogs will touch it.  He's done....
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