Soccer, Algeria, Slovenia

Think England likes its draw in Group C? What do bears do in the woods again?

12/5/09 in Soccer   |   guylake   |   321 respect

While American soccer fans are excited to draw England for  the opportunity  to dress up in tri-cornered hats and powdered wigs and try out this whole crazy soccer fan thing, the English are even more ecstatic. Why? Because this is probably the easiest draw they have ever received in the World Cup.

Let's see. They face Slovenia, ranked 33 in the world, and Algeria, ranked 28. The U.S., ranked 14, isn't all that intimidating to fans of England.  We're just bloody Yanks after all and England holds an 8-2 advantage in international matches over American sides. Still, we can be sure the tabloids will spill a few gallons of ink on David Beckham and Landon Donovan's relationship in order to stir up their fans. Spoiler: It's all Landon's fault!
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