This One Is For JR!

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 Here it is Feb 15Th,2010 the Day after the Daytona 500 . I have been a fan of Dale Jr's  for Well over 10+ Years and i am not going anywhere soon. I have been threw his ups and his downs, his good years and his bad years i think to me his worse year was ("2001") that is the year he ("snuggled his way into my heart and has been there ever since") and I am not letting him go anytime soon. and his 2ND worse year was ("2009") he didn't win, his confidence took a Nose Dive his cc was changed. he just couldn't pull it out last year and it wore on him you could see it in his eyes.

i CARE, I care for junior his feelings, I dont care if he is a 99 year old man I will always stand with him and defend him and i refuse to let him be hurt by people who have nothing better to do then to down some one.

So we had the Daytona 500 on Valentines Day February 14h, 2010 and Junior starts on the front row, with teammate Mark martin. I was Praying for guidance and success for Junior. I was praying  that he wins, and  praying for juniors Safety because i know what that race track is capable of.

Junior  just went out there and he did the best he could.  Actually enjoying himself and laughing over the scanner.  Charging in the last few laps to pull off a 2nd place finish!  Dale Earnhardt Jr. is known for being a solid restrictor-plate racer, but even he had a hard time explaining his comeback from 16th to second in just three green-flag laps Sunday in the Daytona 500.
Sitting 16th on the first attempt at a green-white-checkered finish, Earnhardt Jr. moved up to 10th in less than a lap before an accident behind him created another green-white-checkered finish.
The Hendrick Motorsports driver made it a three-wide battle and hugged the wall before jumping back to the middle, trading paint with Clint Bowyer and winding up pushing Jamie McMurray to the victory.
"It was all a blur," Earnhardt Jr. said. "I was just going wherever they weren't. I really don't enjoy being that aggressive. But if there was enough room for the radiator to fit, you just kind of held the gas down and prayed for the best."

That's the attitude he needs. Now we are going into the Season with a different race every weekend. This is what I would like to say to Jr.

Have confidence in yourself like i have confidence in you, have faith in your abilities as i have faith in you, you can do this  i will be right there like a guardian angel. and with the grace of god and the love of me and Junior nation Lets have a great season!

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