This Week in NASCAR [Racing at Michigan]

6/14/13 in NASCAR   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

NASCAR once again faces the daunting task of racing with heavy hearts as the community says good-bye and celebrates the life of Jason Leffler.  Leffler lost his life Wednesday night in a Sprint Car accident at Bridgeport Speedway, a dirt track in New Jersey.  Reports are that Leffler's car slammed into a wall in the fourth turn and without safer barriers and the type of protection the closed in cockpit of the Sprint Cup cars, Leffler didn't have much of a chance.  He leaves behind a five year old son, Charlie Dean, and a ton of memories.

While I wasn't a huge fan of Leffler - he was a small man with a lot to say - any loss on the track is tough to hear about.  For those drivers who worked alongside Leffler over the years, it is even harder.  

However, each and every time the drivers strap in, they know exactly how the day could end, and they do it because they love it, just as Jason did.

This week they race at Michigan and one of the favorites has to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.  He finished third in last week's race at Pocono, excellent for him at that track.  Michigan is one of his favorite tracks, and the track where he got his last two wins.  Add to that the difficulties the Toyotas are having, and you have a recipe for victory.

Denny Hamlin needed to do well in the remaining races leading up to the Chase, and while he has had some great finishes, he has no wins to date, and the engine troubles have him almost desparate.  Toyota has "throttled back" their engines, if you will, to try to stop them from expiring mid-race.  The result is frustration on the part of the drivers and teams, and almost no hope for wins.  
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