Tiger Woods did appear in Mens Fitness to prevent affairs from being outed

12/18/09 in Golf   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

You may have heard the story that Tiger Woods' series of affairs could have broken two years ago in the National Enquirer, but that he prevented the release of this information by appearing in Mens Fitness (which per his contract with Golf Digest, he really wasn't supposed to do).

Well, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed this story, and it's actually pretty fascinating. It shows exactly what kind of PR machine Woods had working for him and how he did whatever it took to prevent the release of damaging info about his life.

It also basically makes Tiger look like what he is. A heartless, robotic, cocktail-waitress screwing scumbag who would sell his soul to maintain the image of being exactly the opposite.
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