Tiger Woods had fight with wife Elin before his accident

11/27/09 in Golf   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

The Tiger Woods story continues unabated, with confirmation that Woods and his wife Elin got into a fight before Woods got into the accident that everyone heard about today.

Elin told cops about the argument at the scene of the accident and Tiger gave the same story to authorities at the hospital where he was treated.

One Florida law enforcement official called it "a domestic issue."

Of course, Elin wound up pulling Woods out of the car after she busted the back window of the car open with a golf club, so she forgives quickly. I think.

See, what's so weird about this is that Elin told police she heard the accident. And did she go back into the house to get the golf club? Or was she swinging it at Tiger as he fled the house? And did she actually break the back windshield to save Tiger, or did she smash it in anger right before he sped off? And does all of this have to do with the news from the National Enquirer on Wednesday that Tiger has been having an affair? No clue, but I guarantee you we haven't heard the end of this.
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