Tim Ruskell interviewed with the Browns, could be Cleveland's new GM soon.

12/14/09 in NFL   |   Jess   |   35115 respect

The Cleveland Browns and their fans were hoping to bring Holmgren in as General Manager of the team, but it looks like a distinct possibility that they could find a different former GM of the Seattle Seahawks: Tim Ruskell.

Browns owner Randy Lerner has interviewed Ruskell and seems to like him.

I think pretty much anybody who's been paying much attention to the Seahawks over the past 5 years and knows the moves Ruskell made (or didn't make) would be inclined to disagree with the sentiment that he got a "raw deal" in Seattle. With the Seahawks, Ruskell had a tendency to focus on the wrong positions in the draft, and pay entirely too much money to washed up veterans and sign them to ridiculously long contracts. Hopefully for the Browns, he's learned from previous mistakes.
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