Tim Tebow Focus on the Family ad may air during the Super Bowl

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Tim Tebow has a lot to gain or lose in the lead up to the NFL Draft, at least monetarily. So one might wonder why he's potentially going to appear in what will likely be a very controversial Super Bowl ad.

Focus on the Family, which is an extremely well funded faith-based group that is pro-life, anti-gay (like, extremely anti-gay) and pro-religion in schools, got themselves a thirty-second ad that's airing during the Super Bowl. They shot a commercial with Tebow and his mom this week. The content is closely guarded, but a spokesman said they will share a family story.

The belief is that the commercial (and there are many clues to this) will be about Tebow's mother and how doctors advised her to have an abortion or risk a life-threatening pregnancy. She refused, and months later, she gave birth to Tebow. Which means the ad is obviously going to be pro-life.

Keep in mind, CBS has the right to reject the ad, and has done so before with similar messages. And I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen here either.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, choosing the Super Bowl to voice them to hundreds of millions of people is definitely going to cause some major controversy. And while Tebow is hardly the first religious athlete out there, you've got to wonder if an NFL team is going to be interested in Tebow continuously doing stuff this controversial (which seems more than possible) - especially when there's no guarantee that he's even going to be a mediocre pro QB.

Most NFL teams, and people who endorse athletes, prefer athletes who are - let's put this bluntly - non-controversial. How do you think Tiger Woods became a billionaire athlete? Well, until his affairs came out, he was about the least controversial guy ever. How did Michael Jordan create his own empire? Why is Roger Federer the richest tennis player ever? You get the point.

Now, granted Tebow doesn't have to follow the uncontroversial path. But he better be prepared for a backlash if he does broadcast his views to millions of people through a controversial religious organization with a clear agenda (pro-life) that not everyone agrees with.
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