Tim Tebow struggles at Senior Bowl practice

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Tim Tebow was a tremendous college player, and he's a very good kid. But if you watched his career in detail, then you're fully aware of why many people think Tebow will struggle as a pro QB. He has a terribly long throwing motion, he ran a cartoonish offense, and he's not especially accurate. That last critique may seem unfair, but when you're blessed with amazing talent at wide receiver - and facing less than awesome college secondaries - you don't have to be anywhere near as precise as you have to be in the NFL.

Anyway, Tebow decided to play in this year's Senior Bowl, which is coached by NFL coaches and has players run pro style offenses. And guess what? Tebow is having a pretty rough time.

Reports are that Tebow fumbled six of his first 12 snaps, but the more troubling thing is that he's been pretty inaccurate. And his throwing motion hasn't changed at all either.

It's safe to say that his stock is dropping as we speak.
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