Tim Tebow to practice with Seahawks and Bills

3/8/10 in NFL   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Much has been made of Tim Tebow's new throwing motion.  Supposedly it is more geared to the NFL, but although he has been said to be working on his throw, he did not demonstrate it at the Combine.  Instead, it is to be unveiled on March 17th at Florida's Pro Day.

In the meantime, reports are circulating that he will practice with both the Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills, both teams which are in need of long term solutions to their Quarterback problems.  The Seahawks have Matt Hasselback, but he will not be around much longer, as he looks toward retirement. 

As far as the Bills go, Tebow has the support of former Bills' QB, Jim Kelly, but only time and tryouts will tell if Tebow has what it takes to be a quality NFL quarterback.
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